wedding and mountain

On Friday we went separate ways. I joined the birthday party of my second best friend and he visited a friend. But we decided to go home together, met on our way.

On Saturday my former best friend had his wedding. I really wanted my boyfriend to go there with me. I let him decide what to do the last two weekends so he would come with me. I offered to drive, so he could have some drinks. I think he liked the people there, he even said: these friends are really much more reasonable. I should try to meet them more often and introduce my boyfriend to their friends. Back at home we planned to have a drink together, but it took me some time to change and he did stuff on his computer, so the mood turned suddenly. We went to bed, both unhappy.

In the morning he told me we have to talk. He said I can’t open up to him when I have a problem and also I don’t accept him having a bad time. He doesn’t feel welcome anymore when he is not in a good mood. Then he started talking about a mountain. I’m quite sure I don’t understand what he wanted to say. I asked but it simply doesn’t make sense to me.

There is a mountain and we just can be on the top, if everything beneath is right. We just can climb, if everything below is good. If something down changes we have to go back and fix it. I asked if we can not take a shortcut, or start halfway, so it will be easier, or that we maybe never reach the top, because we will never finish our business on the ground. I told him I don’t understand, but he couldn’t explain it in a way I get it.

We separated again in the afternoon. I went biking. I enjoyed the time on my own, some fresh air and some exercise. He also went biking. When we met in the evening, we were both happy and had a nice time together.

I am so glad he never gives up talking about things. And since the first month living together no one ever thought about moving out or splitting up loudly. We are different, we always will experience our lives in different ways, but as long as we try to talk about conflicts I see a good chance we have a bright future!


One response to “wedding and mountain

  • nanaaj

    Communication is everything in a relationship.Once you are able to clearly lay your thoughts bare to each other,you are on the path to success.I wish you all the best on your journey.

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