a weekend alone – again

FINALLY he is on his way to visit his friends in his old town. It is now over half a year he last saw them. Lately he talked to them on the telephone, but I am glad they finally found a weekend to actually meet.

He will stay there some days and then visit his mother, so he can make a kind of triangular trip and he can save a ticket/time for one direction. Since I have a lot of plans for next week, I am not sure when we will see each other. But that seems to be life.

Last Christmas I gave him a gift certificate for a weekend in his old town (train ticket and hotel), but back then I assumed that I will be part of this trip. He didn’t even mention his gift certificate and because I will not be part of his trip I didn’t interfere in his planning. Back than I expected him to go to his old town more often.

I wish him to have a good time, meet a lot of his friends, make contacts again so his next visit will not be in over a half year later.

This time I am more prepared to have time for my own, I have so many ideas and plans for this weekend I probably won’t realise all of them.

Today I want to go running, join a bike demonstration, watch a movie with a new friend/neighbour and have a drink with her, go out with my good friends. But let’s see.


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