living together or parallel

I wanted to meet my friends. I asked about his plans for yesterday evening, he wanted to go to his training. So I made arrangements.

After work we met at home – before I had to leave. He didn’t like it. He accused me of just being home to sleep. On Monday I stayed at home and skipped my training because of bad weather conditions. Today I will be home and promised to spend time together.

But I really want to meet other people too. When we just stay at home every evening it feels more like living parallel. We are both there but actually don’t know what to do with each other. In the end we often watch a movie or sit in front of the computer. This is not quality time as a couple. I already told him, I prefer doing without him some time and then actively deal with each other.

I can’t benefit from living parallel. I miss time as a couple and I miss time for just myself. I am bothered by his presence when he doesn’t deal with me.


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