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Busy busy – everyday routine

We didn’t have time for each other. When I came home he was leaving, for work. He and his colleagues met for dinner. There they talked about their project and the next steps.

I asked him: how long will it take. He didn’t know, but he considered meeting hin uncle and aunt afterwards. I said: if he will call me, I may join. But he didn’t call. I don’t know if their meeting took that much time or he forget.

I didn’t see him. He came home when I already was asleep. This may be the everyday routine and I understand now and start missing our weekend relationship. We were waiting and looking forward to see each other. We reserved the time just for each other.

We even talked more – because we needed to organise our meetings. I miss him being devoted to me. I want to have his full attention again – soon.


His return

He texted me that he was on the train. I looked it up in the internet when he will arrive at home. He didn’t show up by the time. I prepared tea and a little movie.

First I assumed he got himself a snack on the way home. But he was hungry and after having a shower he defrosted a pizza. I just was tired when he did me the honor of spending time with me. I was so tired. I overslept about half of the movie. Just when I went to bed he came and asked about my day.

I have too high expectations. And I didn’t ask why it took him more time to come home.

Appointments – family celebration

We had a family celebration yesterday. To welcome my youngest nephew in our family.
My sister invited both of us. He agreed on coming. Of course I attended.
He even requested to know the dress code.

family celerbration to wellcome my new nephew age 6 month

family celebration to welcome my new nephew age 6 month

But then like three weeks before the event he cancelled, because one of his friends in his old town had invited him to a party.
I was disappointed. After all he had accepted my sister’s invitation.
When I told him, he said: he accompanied me to a family celebration on Christmas, and I haven’t been pleased enough about his sacrifice! I am not a person who leaps of joy and does jigs. He really should know me that well.

I really appreciate that he came with me after Christmas, but I was at his family celebration the days before. So it was kind of just and reasonable that he met my family for the very first time. I was at his mother’s also the year before.
He was the weekend in his old town with his old friends, and I met my family.

I just feel a little like doing something similar when he will ask me the next time for some family event…

I know I am so immature….

Pokemon jokes

I have a baby brother and because he grew up with these anime series, I also know them quite well now. I started it once – pokemon jokes.

Mostley it is just adding the ending “-or” or “-i” to a thing of daily use. For example: vacuum cleanor!

I think it is really cute when he adopts something of me.

Regrettable he also stops some habits because of me.

When we met, the first text messages always ended with “xx”. I really liked it, but I never wrote back that way. I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like me. So after some time he stopped using this/his phrase and adopted mine. It’s a pity.

I should ask him if he has noticed any adoption of my habits during the time we know each other.

My imaginary cats

I need a new category 🙂

We were at a gaming afternoon / night last week. A friend of him has invited us and also his girlfriend was there. She dropped him almost immediately after we had left. So she  probably now is the ex-girlfriend. But I am not all sure, since they are his friends I shouldn’t care and therefore I don’t know as things are now.

He doesn’t like the (ex-)girlfriend. He told me last week. Before I have seen her for the very first time. During the evening to play she didn’t turn nasty. I just received a bad impression of her when she dropped her boyfriend after acting all normal the whole time.
When we were on our way home he told me the reason of his antipathy.
He was at her place for another gaming night in December. Back then we also had some arguments and he called me and asked if he could come and sleep at my place after the event. He came to my town, but not to see me, but to play at her place. This situation offended my sensibilities. So I was glad he doesn’t like her, because of

1) He dropped some onions on her floor. She cleaned it up, was too friendly and said: her cats don’t tolerate onions well.
His point was: she didn’t let him the chance to fix his error. And she was too friendly, he thinks she acted.
2) He asked her about her job/company. Instead of answering she asked about his skills on data bank applications. When he said this is not his area of expertise she became very arrogant.

And why is this relevant to me?

Because since this evening every time he drops something I tell him my cats don’t tolerate it. He still thinks it is funny and replys that I have no cats and he is so glad about me not having cats. I insist on my imaginary cats and their sensitive stomach.

At the moment it is kind of a running gag. But he really drops a lot (food, crumbs, etc.) and I hope, some day he will be annoyed by this. In fact it shall be seen as teaching.

after the rendez-vous

We had our rendez-vous.

Yesterday when I was still in work he texted me and asked if we want to do a bike tour before our cooking/eating/going to the cinema. And it was a good idea, it was the perfect weather, just LOTS OF midges. Then I immediately started cooking while he took a shower first. I was so hungry (I forget to have lunch at work). When he came to help, I told him that I would really appreciate it if he will surprise me once when I return with a meal.

We ate, I took a shower and then we started making out – but not truly. It was like no one dares to do anything in order to not make something wrong. It maybe was also a time issue because we wanted to go to the movies in about half an hour. So it was just a little frustrating, then we got ready and left. The movie was nice. The content was not convincing, but the effects were properly implemented.

After the movie we had some pizza and took a walk home. We sat in the living room, but the tension was missing… then we went to bed, slept.

It was a nice evening, but there sure was something missing to be a perfect evening.


Since we are so busy during week, we start dating again.

Today we will cook and eat together and then go to the movies to watch the amazing spiderman. I am looking forward to it, not especially the movie but the whole evening.

Yesterday I came from work, we saw each other for about 15 minutes, then he had training and I went for a run. On my way home I did some shopping, exactly what was on the shopping list. Later I made my favourite soup.

When he returned. He declared it smells of food and that is good because he is hungry. I was a little annoyed, but I dissembled it. I work so much more than he does, and he never ever had some meal ready when I returned 😦

He ate 3 dishes of my soup and grumped that there was no meat in it. Later both of us were busy checking our mails, reading news and weather forecast. The everyday routine.

I am really looking forward to our date tonight.