Monthly Archives: December 2014

happily ever after

Sure, we have some argument once in a while, but we manage to end them peacefully in a very short time.

After almost 10 month of living together we finally are a “match made in heaven” – I like this words I found in the dictionary and I really think it explains our time together.

But this leads to another “problem”. How can I continue this blog, when nothing “happens” any more?

My only idea is to stop writing for a while and continue when we start our family planning. It may not be the living together in the focus of these upcoming stories, but it also effects the way we will treat us.

So have a nice time and I hope to continue soon. 🙂


Wishing and demanding

No one can read minds.

It is necessary to say what you want and need.

But just lay back and demand is not the way that makes me want to do something.

His wishes are mostly the same, so he should know that I know them.

But he keeps telling and lately I keep refusing, don’t lift a finger.

IF he wants me to do something for him, he could lay back and wait until I WANT to do something or he could do something for me, make me want to give something back. But that’s not his style. And I am the stupid one because I am not that kind of person. If I wish him to do something for me this wish also includes that he WANTs to do it.

I am worth more than being treated with aversion.

So he demands and I refuse, bad situation. Specially because we haven’t had a big fight quite some time now, but when this is going on there will be dissatisfaction and probably an argument.

We are different personalities. I need to feel welcome and wanted, to him it seems it is more important to get his fingers and toes cracked and popped and this kind of stuff. My aversion doesn’t matter.