he and my second best friend

He really doesn’t like my second best friend. That is why he didn’t come with me to this friend’s birthday party.

He says this friend always acts like the queen be, just talks about himself, isn’t interested in other persons, forces a manipulation of the atmosphere according to his mood, and such things.

He may be right.

If my good friend and I would meet right now, we may not become friends. But since we know each other that long, I’m used to him.

My boyfriend and I can spend time separately, but since he works the weekends become more important to spend time together.

My second best friend is also a very good friend of my best friend, and we have a big common circle of friends. If I avoid him – to spend more time with my boyfriend – I would have to avoid most of them too. Because he would be hurt if I meet all the others without him.

I would prefer to spend time with all of them, sometimes even together, like when we have a barbecue or at a party. But it seems not to be possible. I will have to decide with whom I want to spend my time, and I hate this situation. 😦


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