last weekend – the realisation

It was like planned. We met, him, me and my best friend.

While he attended his course my best friend and I did some daytrips.

  • On Friday we explored the surroundings
  • On Saturday we wanted to see a big waterfall. We went by bike about 5 hours there, because we avoided car routes. The way back on the street it took us 40 minutes.
  • Yesterday we didn’t want to do any sport, but it happened to become mountaineering.

I hardly saw him and this was good. But in fact everything was aimed to him. The times we cook, we go to bed, we get up. What we buy.

Yesterday I packed and prepared everything in the morning. When he called to pick him up, I was in a hurry, because I didn’t expect him to finish that soon. My best friend and I had no time to prepare some snack or have a shower after our mountain adventure. After we picked him up, he (my glorious boyfriend) insisted to go back to the camping site and have a shower, have some snack. His needs have more priority than ours. Maybe it is my fault that it is this way 😦 . That was when I got angry. And also because he let me pay everything once again, all the groceries, the camping site, his day-pass for the river.

After a 2 hours ride I cooled down and told him I’m sorry. He said it too. So the remaining way home was not tensed. But at home he started washing his clothes and soiled our place. It was late. I was tired. He was loud, making everything dirty. He kept me from sleeping. And I got angry again.

I really don’t feel like he appreciates me. He is always taking, expecting. He even suggested going on a trip next weekend. But I am tired of investing time, feelings, effort and money in him.


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