a very long day – unthankful or taking for granted

He thinks he has to work too much. But I am the one who does much more. Yesterday I had to start my business trip at 4.50 a.m. and returned after 9 p.m. Working was exciting but all the going there and back home is quite exhausting. When I returned I was tired, but he wasn’t. He got up around 8 a.m. because he waited for the postman. He felt awake and kept me from sleeping. Even tough I was moaning all the time. He insisted to watch a movie together (My Little Pony!!). And he didn’t let me go to sleep even when I complained that such a stupid movie (and it really is) is more important than my need to sleep.

This was the one thing I got angry about and the other thing concerns shopping, again. When I bought some snack I remembered that he was going out of coffee powder. So I asked him if I should bring some coffee powder. He said yes and wanted me to buy toothpaste for him too. He is not using standard normal toothpaste but some special expensive version of it, so I refused. It is clearly something for his own personal use. Why should I buy it? I often brought his shampoo, shower gel, coffee powder, his special coffee sugar, and other special food I can’t stand but know he likes. He takes it all for granted.

I didn’t bring his toothpaste, but his coffee powder – and not even got a “thank you”. He just said, if he would have gone to an electronic retail market he would brought me a really needed hard disk for my PC. Of course I would give him the money to buy it – in contrast to him who always takes everything I buy for him as a gift. A hard disk sure is more expensive but bringing special toothpaste, his shampoo, etc. (all very clear defined quite expensive products) also adds up. And he never brings something just for me. He never bought my shampoo, etc., but it is OK, I can do it on my own as before. He is just to lazy to go shopping and never thinks about me spending money for him. While he refuses if I ask to bring me flowers 😦

We have a real problem keeping the balance. This is also an issue we should talk about, but at the moment he doesn’t think it is worth his time to sit down and talk. I kind of feel alone.


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