Quality time

Sometimes I fear he can’t deal with me. When I came home yesterday he was watching a movie, then another and after that he wanted to continue. But I asked him not to.

I asked about his day, about his mood. He started talking but asked me to stop touching him. I like it to have physical contact while talking, he obviously not. My suggestion is that it may be too much multitasking for him.

But he didn’t asked me about my day, my plans. Is he not interested?

Today I have a training and therefor had the same way to work. We get up together. I had to consider his needed time and speed. I’m much faster in the morning. In the train he just starred in his smart phone. I felt completely obsolete.

I want to spend time with him and time alone, I don’t need all this coexisting. But to him it is important and I can’t understand it/him.


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