Back to fighting

Yesterday I met a “good old friend” who just got a baby. I have told him weeks before and asked if he wanted to join. He never has said that he would like to.

So I left him a note with the address and that he probably won’t come but to give him the opportunity.

I had a nice time with my friend. Her baby is such a cute one. After about 3 hours he texted when I plan to come home. We had lost time – but in a good way. But when we noticed we said good-bye.

At home he starred at the PC, I changed and he said something stupid about my clothes, then he complained that my note was unfriendly. I was in a good mood – until he started moaning. He insisted we need to talk. In the end we start fighting. He wanted to have fun – after he destroyed my good mood.

He was also drinking beer and I told him, I’m worried about his alcohol consumption.

We fought in the evening and continued in the morning.

When I returned I really wanted to talk to him about us having a baby. But at the moment there is no use in making plans for a common future. He is too egocentric, he just expects me to take care of him, comfort him, get him into the mood… But he doesn’t think one moment about my condition. That hurts. At the moment it feels like a dead end.


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