Communication problems

He didn’t told me about his colleague’s celebration earlier because he wanted to watch the movie – with me. Then he wanted to be at the celebration – without me. Bye bye. He confirmed when I asked about it yesterday. He is so selfish, optimizing his spare time at my expense. When I tried to combine different activities and people I was given a talking to.

Now he is in the situation that the spare time is rare. I am living with this since we know each other. Shall I let him get away with this? What can I do against this behaviour? Why do his rules not apply to him?

The other issue concerning him is our communication. He tells me a lot about his work and much more about his hobby. Yesterday after he finished talking he invited me to tell something. I thought about my topics. But I was afraid he may is not interested in a lot of them. He started making fun, when I finally found something I wanted to tell. But he didn’t listened, he didn’t respond to anything I said. I felt so sad. Do I really have to have bad mood for days so he is at least interested in what I say? Why is he expecting me to tell him what I’m worried about if it doesn’t matter to him?

I will try to talk to him about exactly this issue, about our communication. It will be a premiere. Usually he complains about me not talking about things I worry about, this time I will complain (?) about why it is not possible for me to talk about that important stuff. I hope I dare to talk!


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