grml … he stood me up

The plan was to go to the cinema and afterwards to drink something. It was my proposal, but because he really wanted to see that movie and he complained once in a while that we never go out just the two of us.

We met in front of the cinema, I got the tickets. The whole evening was planned to please him. He got some snack and a drink. When we waited for the movie to start, he told me that a colleague is celebrating and everybody wants him to join. He was in a bad situation, because we had a date, so he came to watch the movie and go to celebration afterwards. He is new in his company and hasn’t have too many friends yet in town, so he wants to use the first social event of his company to maybe find some friends. I grant him this and wish him to find some nice friends with all my heart.

After the movie he insisted on take me to the bus station. I would have preferred to walk, after a day in the office and in the cinema. But he would have thought I’m angry so I took the bus to make him feel better.

I just couldn’t stop me saying: he should never complain that I don’t go out with him after standing me up. I know he is in a bad place, I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes – but I am disappointed. He is having a nice evening (probably) and I am sitting at home.

He should at least have told me before so I would have had the chance to postpone our evening….




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