I’m on holiday. This morning we had a flash back.

Monday earliest morning he kissed me good-bye at the door so I get the first train home. Just this time it was not from his former place, but our place and I went home to my family. But the whole situation was like when we had our long-distance relationship.

After a week living just next to each other we had a really great weekend. He cared and was so attentive. I told him that he is great and how much I appreciate his behaviour. I hope he will be like this more often.

Now I have some days off – off work, off him. I stay with my family. My sister and her husband need to do some work on their place and I offered to take care of her children. My mother and I wanted to share them, but now she is sick and I had to take care of her, of cooking, laundry, three little children. It was quite a day. My sister and her husband came for lunch and I was so glad, when she at least took the youngest with her. He cried a lot and I didn’t now if and what he is allowed to eat.

I hope he misses me and will be happy when I will come home again. He told me he wants me to accompany him to his camp next year, I should save two weeks of my holidays. The other thing is his company closes in winter and he has to take two weeks of his holidays there. He hasn’t aske if I will also go on holiday to do something together. Let’s see.


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