His birthday

I made a cake with birthday candles. He had to blow the candles out. Then he got a gift. He turned it around, looked so sceptically that I told him “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. Now it is lying around. He really wanted to have it but he seems not to be satisfied. Later we had a barbeque. It was a surprise party I organised. He guessed we would go bowling. But his friends came and some of mine and we stayed much longer than expected. We even had campfire atmosphere.

Actually I wanted to go out with my friends too. But I needed to recover. I visited two friends to exchange things from the barbeque evening. The rest of the weekend we spent at home.

Yesterday he suddenly became strange. I gave him some time, then carefully approached him. He thinks I do too much. He is overstrained with his new job and now he feels like he is not able to give back what I have done for him. I told him I even would be happy if he put a candle in a chocolate bar on my birthday. Sure I expect something in return. But it should be a kiss, a hug, a nice gesture towards me. I want for him to approach me.

I really miss him doing the first step. I want him to be nice, but of his own impulse. Even when I tell him first it is my initiative again. He is fine with giving me commands, but I really, really need him to do things for me without asking. I know it is more than difficult, because how should he know when and what to do?


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