Review of the last days

It seems we are both not able to find reasonable compromises.
I give up stuff for him and he does for me and in the end we are both unhappy.
We kill each other with kindness, a nice phrase, but killing can be almost taken literally. Well-intentioned is often the opposite of well done. At least we had our review about the last days. It was not even a fight, just a long and intense talk. I appreciate his way of listening and patiently asking the right questions to make me talk.

The problem is:
How can we find good and reasonable compromises?

He also wants me to say my opinion more often and tell him about my needs. But this is really hard, since I was not brought up that way. And it was not the first time this issue popped up.
I hope we can work it out, find a way to handle our different communication patterns.
I am not willing to give in on him. But if we will fight over it again and again… just because of misunderstandings.



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