What has happened lately?

We had some bad fights, because I don’t feel appreciated enough.

From his point of view the problem is because I make a lot of efford doing things which are not really important to him. But I really want him to sometimes do something for me even when it is not his advantage. All his actions seem to be for his needs. It is always him, his needs and then maybe someone else (i.e. me).

I would like him to pass on something – just for my good.

I will accompany him up-comming weekend, because I don’t want him to go on such a long car trip on his own again. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for me at home, friends to meet. But his safety is more important to me.

I really looking forward such kind of gesture, I think.

I cried a lot, we talked a lot. At the moment we are not fighting any more.


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