Suddenly he is very accommodating.

He waited for me when I came home. I am planning a surprise party for his birthday and he suspects something.

He tried to come to know what it will be. I asked him to consider and tell me this evening if he really doesn’t want to be surprised.

He kissed me and was so nice. Finally. But in the end, I found out he wanted me to do something for him.

It is kind of double-sided. I enjoy his attention and his tenderness. But it is sad it just seems to be a means to an end. I fulfiled his wish because it was not hurting me to do so, but I was not happy. I like to do things for him, but when I am in the mood and when I WANT to. Asking someone if he wants to do something for him is kind of pressure.

Also, in a relationship there should be a balance between giving and taking. So if he wants me to do something for him, why not do something for me first? Maybe this is his only child style again. I don’t like it. It is a shadow on our back-to-good mood.


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