A good start in the new week

Yesterday I took some time off. I took my bike and went away, next to a peaceful (bad-smelling) river. I really needed it.

When he called I invited him to join me. But he didn’t like it too much so we went home together.

He made a meal. In fact he defrosted food I prepared – without asking for my permission. But I kept quiet. I even overcame myself –  to try to be a role-model – and said: Thank you for the meal.
He replied: This is nice to hear.

I don’t understand. If he knows it is nice to hear, why he is so ungrateful?

This morning I waited for him. We got up together and I made breakfast, asked what he wants to have and fulfilled his desires. I try so hard and he just takes.

I got only one little reward: he kissed me goodbye when our ways to work split.


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