Trip beyond one’s own nose

Yesterday I made a lot of effort.

I got up, went to the bakery and bought breakfast for him. I made coffee for him. When I wanted to wake him up gently, he was already awake. I invited him to eat his breakfast and gave him the present I wanted to give him on Tuesday, our anniversary.

It was a self-made book. I just added to the preamble a few words, why I haven’t given this to him on Tuesday as planned and that I miss him a lot. In the book there also was a ticket to a city both of us wanted to visit, timetables of the train and information what to do there.

He took it. He read it. Then he started eating his breakfast. Not even a “thank you” or a little kiss. Later on we started our trip. He seemed to be in a good mood. The day was nice and we had some fun. But in the end it was always me trying to be close to him.

I dreamt of blaming him for his behaviour and he answered (in my dream) that I am not blunt if necessary. Maybe this is really the problem and dream-me already knows. Just, he should not try to be close because I want him to, but because he wants to be close.


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