Our anniversary

On Monday when I found out that we were both free yesterday evening, I made an appointment with him to arrange a nice evening. We agreed to go to the movies.

When I arrived yesterday after work I had some troubles with a parcel service. I haven’t got a package yet and it was not to be found. I had to send them a mail with some data. We had a quick greeting. I executed my task. But he didn’t leave his PC. I had a shower, did some laundry. He didn’t leave his PC.

I laid down, started crying. He finally came by, asked. I told him about the parcel service. But it was just part of my problem. He wondered that something like that can throw me off the track. But he didn’t even think about him giving me a reason to self-pity myself. He started to skype and after a while he incited me to hurry. We shall not miss the beginning of our movie. We were on time. We watched the movie. We went home. I went to bed. He didn’t even come to wish me a “good night”.

The whole day/evening was quite sad. No one mentioned our anniversary. I had a gift I didn’t gave because it just didn’t feel right.

I don’t like this our situation, but I have no clue how to change anything. Since I could not fall asleep, I went to the living room and cuddled up to him. I miss him and it hurts that he doesn’t seem to miss me.


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