After the trip

He left. And I had a nice time on my own. I really enjoyed not to be considerate of him. I went out, had a lot of fun, maybe even a little too much. But everything is fine and my conscience is pure.

After his camp we wanted to meet and travel the rest of the route together. That was the plan. But then he became sick. He told me and I kind of ignored it, because I didn’t see its impact on me. Then I understand that he was not sure if and how he was going to come home again. I offered to go to a train station that is reasonable reachable, but he must be able to drive a 3 hours distance. His camp was in the mountains and it was quite impossible to go there by public transportation. On the third day he felt strong enough, so we met at the train station. I bought a ticket for the night train and for another train to go and rescue him.

He seemed to be alright again and didn’t wanted to just be brought home like I expected. So we decided to do our planned road trip, just starting quite closer to his camp. First I just was glad he was fine again. But on the second or third day he wanted to show me some pictures he had taken. I let him show me, but I said: on principle I should not, because he refused to see my photographs after my trip last year. Back then I was so aggrieved, because I really wanted to share my expressions with him and he REFUSED. Later we talked about it and he justified it and said he simple don’t like photographs. But everything I lived to see (since then) doesn’t confirm his statement. When I told him this a few days ago he pouted. And we had a fight taking longer than a day. He accused me of being negative and always looking for something to pick on. He brought up old stories and I simple refused to be accused like this.

I decided to take the train home again the next morning. I told him and the whole day and evening was still tense. But in the morning there was no more bad mood, it was strange. I decided to give us a chance and stayed with him. On the next leg of our route he asked about what I have texted him the weekend before (my last post). And when I told him about my ex wrote me, he said it is ok with him when we write e-mails, but he is not happy.

Later we came to his mother and stayed a few days. She thanked me so much that I went all the way to meet him. We also visited my brother and my grandmother and came home the day before yesterday. We are both still in a good mood.

I hope it stays like this. Now he is awake, I have to go 🙂


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