Never alone

Since he left, he has called every day. Except the day I wrote him not to. Even when he is away he is omni-present.

Yesterday I went out with some close friends and I told them about my ex contacting me. He wrote some more mails yesterday. I kind of allowed him to write me under certain conditions. But when I told my friends I felt so guilty. Because I would not like my boyfriend mailing with one of his ex girlfriends.

In the middle of the night, and not all sober, I texted him. He was still awake and answered that he has no clue what I want to tell him. But I regretted texting him quite soon.

In the early morning he called. I didn’t answer. Later he called again and when I didn’t answer he wrote me to please contact him, he needs to talk to me. I wanted to postpone this conversation, but I called back. He was worried about his health. He had some earth in his drink yesterday and was afraid to now have some parasites inside him. I have no knowledge about this topic but I assured him he is fine.

But we have to talk, when we will meet again. About this my ex topic and about what is OK and what isn’t in our relationship. I don’t want to make anything wrong. And I know I was always the one avoiding such topics. I am very curious about his former relationships, but I never asked because I don’t want him to ask.


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