The end of relationships

Some time ago I told about a friend. She visited me and started ignoring me. I wanted to give her some stuff back and get my boyfriend’s book she borrowed instead. So I texted her, when she will have time for me to come and exchange things. She answered she would be out-of-town some days. I waited and wrote again, if she manages to tell me when she will have time. Her reply was: I should not be so insulting. ha? At least she also specified a time slot.

I was more than polite. I came. She opened the door. We exchanged. “Here” – “Thanks” – “Have a nice day” And I left. When going home by bike my legs trembled.

I don’t have many friends and it is very sad to lose one. But her behaviour when she was my gust is just unacceptable. We have common friends, so maybe some day we will meet again and have a nice conversation. At the moment I can see no chance to be friends with her. It was like ending a relationship. It affected me a lot.


The other occurence was a message of my … former boyfriend(?). He called me his girlfriend, even wanted to marry me. From my point of view we never passed the getting to know phase. His message was nothing special: “how are you? kind regards”. He writes like almost every half a year. Last time he wrote: “are you dead?” which gave me a lot of reason to be upset. This time I asked about his motivation and that I don’t like that I even consider about it. I just don’t want to. I also think it is unfair towards my boyfriend.

He (the ex) apologized and claimed we both were victims of his new smart phone’s auto-complete function. I hardly believe it. His new smartphone should not know anything about me. I just want to forget the incident. I don’t want to be involved with this. I hope this time he will leave me alone more than the usual half a year.


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