Knowing and feeling

  • His mother and grandmother visited us
  • Yesterday he was at a friend’s
  • Today he has to work
  • Monday he will leave for about 10 days

That’s why we started a fight yesterday. I don’t feel like I am important to him. I know I’m wrong and he explicitly told me. But I still feel this way.

I blame him for staying without commitment. He can’t say if he can join us tomorrow for about 2-3 hours for a barbecue with friend. He couldn’t decide to join this 10 day trip before last Tuesday. So it was to late for me to organise a trip with my best friend in the meantime.

He asked me for us to get along again. But he did ask that question before and even after agreeing he didn’t stopped accusing me. Why should it always be his choice to make peace?

But I agreed. I even offered to pick him up after his work. So we will spend the rest of the night somewhere nice. I need to spend time with him, before he will leave. But I feel like I always give in. I need him to show an act of appreciation.


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