Timeout in Oslo

I have been to Oslo before. In March 2011 there was lot of snow. Everything was wet and a putrid smell of wet textiles and furniture. It was fun, but also disappointing.

This time I experience Oslo in summer. It seems to be a big construction side, everywhere people are working, building, repairing.

But it looks much cleaner, and of course the smell is better, too.

I have a room with a great view on the sea.

View from hotel  room

It was quite difficult to find an ATM. I walked around over an hour and had to try three machines to get some Norwegian money. I was so thirsty. So I first bought some water, juice and a kanelbolle (cinnamon bun).

Then I strolled around…

Oslo S StortingetRadhusetNobels FredssenterOperaenVery nice sights, but I was very surprised to see the slide on the roof of a ship. Seems I don’t have to become 60 to want to go on a cruise.

Ship with slide


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