He has got a job

Yesterday he signed his contract. He finally has got a job. He told me before. And he texted me instantly after. He met me for lunch.

I asked him to celebrate this event. He planned to drink beer and play some computer game in the evening. I wanted to invited him for dinner somewhere. But he didn’t like.

On Mondays there is my training, I offered to skip it and instead spend time with him. But he didn’t like.

In the end (after my training) we had a very nice evening, talking. He drank some beer, if it is his award, it is fine with me. We also talked a lot about holiday plans. He really wants me to come to his paddling week as a photographer, or to go hiking, or something else, just also come. I absolutely don’t want to.

I want to go on holiday, I also can go with a very good, maybe best friend, but it also can be him. It is just that he is going to start working on August 1st. And July is not so far away any more, so it is really time for practical plans.


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