Being defiant and pouting

After having a good phase we managed to interrupt it.

I’m still suffering from my exhaustion, fighting some cold and he is afraid of being infected. Once in a while I feel leprous. For him it is OK to treat me like this. But then he expected me to do something for him, I never agreed with and refused in this case. He was miffed, stopped talking to me.

During dinner I asked if something was wrong, he said the whole situation. I asked if I can change something. He replied: NO.

Today after breakfast, I asked again. He always wants to talk things through immediately, but since he was not very communicative yesterday, I prefered to give some time to think over. He wanted to know, why I am suddenly so nice to him.

In his mind we were both unsatisfied. But I was not. I just don’t let him blackmail me.

I refuse something, he becomes miffed and I should do as he wants?

For sure: NOT

But we talked it through. In the end he said he feels like I avoid things that are important to him. This hurts. If I’m not the way he wants me, he has to decide, if what I lack in is more important to him than me – and if so, he has to find someone more fitting to his expectations. This awareness hurts so much.

I managed to tell him my concerns without talking about dropping me. He became very nice, just said, I may also sometime are not all happy with the way he is. – He is such a good guy.


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