His hobby and the consequences

He is an enthusiastic  Alpine sportsman. He grew up surrounded by mountains. I like hiking. Sometimes he is OK with it, but generally he prefers activities with more thrill. I’m a little scared, but I try to join him as far as I dare.

While I enjoy running. Therefor I just need good shoes and can go running like everywhere. His hobby has more consequences and restrictions. I wouldn’t have chosen something that extensive (and thrilling), because

  • we always have to go to the mountains, make a trip
  • on the camping sites all-the-year we need the warmest winter jacket. Even in June there can be snow
  • we need a lot of equipment that is expensive to buy (he) or has to be reserved, picked up and brought back (me)
  • buying/lending equipment and the gas consumes quite some money
  • I also insist on more people coming with us, so someone can save me if necessary, that means more organisation is necessary

These were the most important issues. I quit climbing after about 1,5m. But I knew before. I can’t estimate distances and have already troubles going down irregular steps. Since it is very important to him to share common activities I started white water paddling. Therefor I need a club to borrow

  • boat
  • paddle
  • cagdeck
  • life jacket
  • wet suit or dry suit
  • a lot of bravery

He enjoys teaching me, but I sometimes feel like I always have to explain myself to him. Since I am a beginner I sometimes fall out the boat and hurt myself trying to swim to the shore. As long as I’m not good at handling the boatmanship I need a lot of strength – and regularly I run out after strength after some time. I hope when summer ins coming and I start swimming (not in white water), I will get strong arm and shoulder muscles (again).


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