It helps if you can read

We – or actually I – have a kind of big problem right now. Yesterday he called, as the day before. So I hadn’t had to think about it was my turn or not. He told me, he has good news, we have plan for the this weekend.

Obviously we were both to blind to read about the date of a course we are both registered to (his hobby, his club, but I joined also last year). We thought – he told me and I believed and overlooked all the hints and facts it will take place end of June.

So we have plans for this weekend, seems to be good. But in its entirety there are some more problems, like I reserved necessary equipment for the wrong weekend and have no clue where I can get it now. I have to cancel the other reservation, that will be the easiest thing to do.

The other handicap will be that it is not the best time for me to spend on a camping site, because of increased sanitarian requirements. If I had known sufficiently early I would have manipulated to avoid such a situation.

First to solve, getting equipment. This will be my task for today. He still is with his parents, but he will come today. I will meet halfway (it is so much fun to make a trip by train), so we can take turns driving home. I am really a good girlfriend, spending about 4 hours so he will come home safely again.


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