Duties and rights

He left on Wednesday. Yesterday he called. I was busy, but after finishing my activity I called back.

He told about his days. I was a little distracted. He wanted to know when we will meet again. His father seems like he doesn’t want me to come. It is better this way, because I am not so eager to meet his family at the moment.

In the end he allowed me to call him this evening again. I just entered a competition, carried out my duty as good citizen. If he wants to know how I did in my competition – I suppose he would call. This way – to allow me to tell about my results, it just feels like he is not interested.

This makes me sad. May I don’t call. But maybe he just wants to keep the balance, because yesterday he was the first to call. So it can be seen it is my turn to call now. I hope so. Keep smiling 🙂 He is a good man, there probably is a good reason.


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