He left – me too

Before he left, I came home during my lunch break to kiss him good-bye for the last time until next week. Then he left, I haven’t heard of him yet. But I also left. I have to work some days abroad.

So for me it shouldn’t make a big difference if he stays at home or with his parents.

But I already miss him. Sitting in my hotel room, watching what’s outside the window. I would prefer to share all these impressions with him. When saying good-bye he told me I should come and pick him up. This means he wants me to meet his family again – and I planned not to, since he cancelled my last family celebration.

Let’s see. Probably I will follow my desire to be together with him again. I am up to do so much for him, for us to be happy. Sometimes I miss the feeling he does the same. But yesterday he came all the way to the railway station to pick me up when I returned after working on a construction side.


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