So worried – he is sick

He is like sick all the time, always demanding consideration of his latest complaint.

But this time, he really is sick and I just feel helpless. It started Thursday, with heavy fever. I thought it may be a stomach flu and brought him zwieback. Yesterday he was free of fever. I told him to wait until the evening and if he still is without fever I should stay one more day at home.

But in the evening he wanted to eat some real meal, not just zwieback and tea. I cooked but I didn’t approve it. Even with a stomach flu you should be careful what to eat and how to start eating “normal” stuff again. But I am not his mother, he is grown-up. He even ate some tomato salat – I advised against, I just made a little bowl of it for myself, in fact.

After eating, we watched some TV and suddenly he started shivering, got high fever. He was suffering the night, I couldn’t stand it and slept on the couch. I feel so sorry for him, but I also need my sleep – to stay healthy and take care of him.

In the morning I went to bed again, but he was so hot. I brought him the thermometer and looked in the internet for some available medical help. On weekend it is so hard to find a doctor in the city. Where I grow up, we have a local newspaper which says all the weekendshifts of doctors nearby. Going to the hospital doesn’t make sense, since you have to wait quite some time and this wouldn’t be a pleasure with fever. In the end I found the number of an emergency doctor and told him to call.

I changed the sheets, aired the room while he took a shower. Now we are waiting for the doctor, I am so glad someone is coming!

He doesn’t act reasonably (like what he ate), but the shivering and the fever caused by food, seems to be rather serious.


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