Against my principles

There are days I really just want to start a fight.

Like yesterday, I returned from work and he was very busy home working. But I KNOW he just started his work about half an hour ago, so I can see how hard-working he is.

I cleaned the place because it was my turn. Therefore I had to put things away and once more noticed that he occupies so much place. He has got his desk and I have got mine, so we can keep our stuff in our own limited area. But he now also occupies another little table and removed his PC and audio boxes from under his desk. I tried so hard to reduce my stuff, made space for him and he just puts his stuff almost everywhere. When I complain he says it is not just our living-room it is also his place of work.

I was a little annoyed at this time. I finished cleaning and went to my sport training. When I came home he was having a full bath. He should feel guilty for wasting so much water/resources. He had a full bath twice last week. I just wished him a bad conscience. But I didn’t say anything. I was also annoyed because I would like to have a shower after sports and he occupied the bathroom.

Later we watched an episode. I didn’t say anything about his stuff, his waste of water, but he felt there was something going on. And in such cases he is angry with me. Sure it can never be his fault that there is a bad mood. He destroyed my cooker. I admit there is a possibility I did some preparatory work. But we looked in the internet about new cookers and finally had something to do together.

When I wanted to go to bed, he started talking about buying beer at the filling station. I just don’t understand. Why should anyone want to sit at home alone and drink beer. I explained him quite often to me alcohol is something you consume in company and with intent to go out afterwards or while going out. But he went to the filling station while I went to bed and while I slept, he drank his beer.

I just don’t understand his attitude, his way of living. I pulled myself together and we didn’t fight. But I don’t feel comfortable with the current situation.


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