Compulsion to do something special

Actually there are two issues:

First – we often find ourselves in a situation where we want to do something but are dissatisfied with all proposals. We look for something better, expect something special and in the end just become unhappy. Stupid expectations.

Second – he has a very strong will and I am rather tired of all our fighting during the last half-year. I give in too often, he may now is used to me giving in and I feel like he doesn’t care about me enough.

And while writing, there probably is even a third issue: attention. When we are both at home, he often starts doing something on his PC, ignoring me; BUT when I flip a book open to entertain myself, he almost immediately come to me, demands attention.

It was so easy, when we just saw each other at agreed time gaps, we both were dedicated to each other.

Living together can be pretty hard. Because we still are individuals and must find a way, not to hurt the other one when doing own stuff.


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