Programm for the evening

Yesterday he wanted to go to his training and I was at a works outing and should return come home late. But I didn’t feel like drinking in a tavern, so I said goodbye after the cultural part. I texted him that I would return earlier than expected and cook so when he will return from his training we could eat together. He answered he felt sick and stayed at home. I bought something for dinner and went home. We watched an episode together. Then he sat at his PC, let me do the cooking. We ate together. Then he sat at his PC, let me do the dirty dishes. He asked: what will we do? But not even looked at me.

I finished my work and started reading a nice book. This was when he came to me, started bothering me. He thought I was angry. And indeed, I was. Especially because after he ignored me he not even let me read!

We went out for a walk. I told him, I didn’t feel well either. I’m very tired lately and really confused after waking up. Normally I’m an early bird. He suggested I should go to bed after coming home.

But when we arrived he took a bath – blocked the bathroom/tube. And having a shower is part of my go-to-bed-routine. I was angry and sad, because he not even thought about my needs after our walk and talk.

Of course I’m happy to spend time together, but when we planned the week we scheduled our couple time on Wednesday (today). Yesterday I cooked, we talked. We did all the smooth together stuff, I expected to do today.

He asked what we will do today and I have no clue.

I’m tired, I don’t want to have a drink, the weather forecast predicts mostly rain. There is a lot I don’t want to do, but this doesn’t help – I know. Sometimes it is better not to spend too much time together…



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