Appointments – family celebration

We had a family celebration yesterday. To welcome my youngest nephew in our family.
My sister invited both of us. He agreed on coming. Of course I attended.
He even requested to know the dress code.

family celerbration to wellcome my new nephew age 6 month

family celebration to welcome my new nephew age 6 month

But then like three weeks before the event he cancelled, because one of his friends in his old town had invited him to a party.
I was disappointed. After all he had accepted my sister’s invitation.
When I told him, he said: he accompanied me to a family celebration on Christmas, and I haven’t been pleased enough about his sacrifice! I am not a person who leaps of joy and does jigs. He really should know me that well.

I really appreciate that he came with me after Christmas, but I was at his family celebration the days before. So it was kind of just and reasonable that he met my family for the very first time. I was at his mother’s also the year before.
He was the weekend in his old town with his old friends, and I met my family.

I just feel a little like doing something similar when he will ask me the next time for some family event…

I know I am so immature….


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