My imaginary cats

I need a new category 🙂

We were at a gaming afternoon / night last week. A friend of him has invited us and also his girlfriend was there. She dropped him almost immediately after we had left. So she  probably now is the ex-girlfriend. But I am not all sure, since they are his friends I shouldn’t care and therefore I don’t know as things are now.

He doesn’t like the (ex-)girlfriend. He told me last week. Before I have seen her for the very first time. During the evening to play she didn’t turn nasty. I just received a bad impression of her when she dropped her boyfriend after acting all normal the whole time.
When we were on our way home he told me the reason of his antipathy.
He was at her place for another gaming night in December. Back then we also had some arguments and he called me and asked if he could come and sleep at my place after the event. He came to my town, but not to see me, but to play at her place. This situation offended my sensibilities. So I was glad he doesn’t like her, because of

1) He dropped some onions on her floor. She cleaned it up, was too friendly and said: her cats don’t tolerate onions well.
His point was: she didn’t let him the chance to fix his error. And she was too friendly, he thinks she acted.
2) He asked her about her job/company. Instead of answering she asked about his skills on data bank applications. When he said this is not his area of expertise she became very arrogant.

And why is this relevant to me?

Because since this evening every time he drops something I tell him my cats don’t tolerate it. He still thinks it is funny and replys that I have no cats and he is so glad about me not having cats. I insist on my imaginary cats and their sensitive stomach.

At the moment it is kind of a running gag. But he really drops a lot (food, crumbs, etc.) and I hope, some day he will be annoyed by this. In fact it shall be seen as teaching.


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