after the rendez-vous

We had our rendez-vous.

Yesterday when I was still in work he texted me and asked if we want to do a bike tour before our cooking/eating/going to the cinema. And it was a good idea, it was the perfect weather, just LOTS OF midges. Then I immediately started cooking while he took a shower first. I was so hungry (I forget to have lunch at work). When he came to help, I told him that I would really appreciate it if he will surprise me once when I return with a meal.

We ate, I took a shower and then we started making out – but not truly. It was like no one dares to do anything in order to not make something wrong. It maybe was also a time issue because we wanted to go to the movies in about half an hour. So it was just a little frustrating, then we got ready and left. The movie was nice. The content was not convincing, but the effects were properly implemented.

After the movie we had some pizza and took a walk home. We sat in the living room, but the tension was missing… then we went to bed, slept.

It was a nice evening, but there sure was something missing to be a perfect evening.


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