Since we are so busy during week, we start dating again.

Today we will cook and eat together and then go to the movies to watch the amazing spiderman. I am looking forward to it, not especially the movie but the whole evening.

Yesterday I came from work, we saw each other for about 15 minutes, then he had training and I went for a run. On my way home I did some shopping, exactly what was on the shopping list. Later I made my favourite soup.

When he returned. He declared it smells of food and that is good because he is hungry. I was a little annoyed, but I dissembled it. I work so much more than he does, and he never ever had some meal ready when I returned 😦

He ate 3 dishes of my soup and grumped that there was no meat in it. Later both of us were busy checking our mails, reading news and weather forecast. The everyday routine.

I am really looking forward to our date tonight.


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