Arguements and discussion

We had a very long weekend, I took a day off and we enjoyed a holiday.

Thursday: he asked to go on a trip on friday. Actually I already had plans. I wanted to meet my friends, go biking with them. But I also knew how important this trip was to him. I told him making this decision is just unfair. Because it is not about what I decide in favour of but what I decide against. I haven’t seen my friends in quite some time now. So I waited with my decision like for the last-minute – and I took the trip with him.

So we had to get up on friday very early, the weather was nice. In the beginning I was a little scared by the water, but it was a good day. We had some experience together.

On Saturday we started to argue again. It was about the money and shopping issue. He claimed he would have paid if I hadn’t. But I can’t expect of the cashier to wait until he manages packing. And if he is obviously too busy to take his wallet, sure I pay. Or at least I did. This weekend he paid, and it was a lot, because he bought in a quite expensive shop too. I feel bad about him spending so much money, but I would also feel bad if I spend the money for his luxury products or in general if I don’t get a bit of it. We were invited to one of his friends and came late, because our fight was ongoing. It was a nice evening, just he drank a lot of beer. I simply don’t understand the need for this.

The end was a little sad, because this friend’s girlfriend was there too, acted all normal, and the minute we all left she dropped him. We met him later in a bar, had another drink.

On Sunday we did nothing. He suffered from his alcohol consumption. It was kind of boring, I am too greedy with my free time to just waste it. He had promised to make breakfast, as a bargain to stay longer in the bar the night before.

Yesterday we had a argument again. He wanted me to do things I have never done before and I don’t feel comfortable about. He accused me to get side-tracked. It took me some time to make him understand that there are things I don’t dare to do. I know it is sometimes not easy with me, but he needs to become a little more empathetic.


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