Content of the fridge – who shall buy and pay

Yesterday I returned earlier than he did. Actually I have had an appointment with two friend to meet and drink cocktails. I was so kind to offer him to go with me. But then both my friends were prevented for any reason and I stayed at home.

When I returned, he first announced he was hungry. Great, but for me it was like an offense, because it was nothing to eat in the fridge and I have bought a lot of food lately. He refused to eat bread anyway, which was one of the things that were available. He wanted to go out for a meal. I enjoy eating out too, but not as an everyday occurrence.

We kind of started to fight again. Because I feel like buying food and he eats it. It is true, he also buys food, but also this he eats mostly himself. And he still thinks being present when shopping has the same value than paying the food. 😦

After some arguments he suggested to talk more about shopping (like the “what” and the “when”) or everyone shall buy his own food. It is a hard decision and I get around an answer. Because to me it feels more fair when everyone buys what he/she will eat. So I will not feel like keeping him. But however, it would be the end of cooking and eating together. It would be more like to share an appartement than to live in a relationship.

My solution would be: he shall go shopping more often or at least buy a larger quantity of food! He shall replaces what he eats and also replaces the replaced food (eaten by him) when it was original mine. But how can I tell it to him without offending him?


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