Some movement – job application

He seems to feel more comfortable again, because he is not just looking for a job but also started writing job applications again.

Since he moved here he has written 3 applications to 2 companies and this happened around the 2nd or 3rd week we lived together. Then there was a long break with nothing going on. I suggested many different companies, mostly I even now employees working there and giving some references. He always just looked.

But since Monday he seems to have found some enthusiasm again. And I really hope he will get a good job soon. I assured him on Sunday if he finds a job too far away I’m willing to move to a place closer to his working place. Maybe this helped him, because he think it is too much to go to work half an hour every day – which for me is quite normal. Lots of my colleagues it takes around 1 1/2 hours to go to work every day, and the same to go home of course. But I think half an hour is acceptable.

He was at a photographer before he even moved here to get some pictures for his job applications. But he doesn’t like them. I agree that he not looks like on the photos and they are a little too bright and he cocks his head. My grandmother would love such pictures, but I wouldn’t recommend it for an application. So we did some photo shooting yesterday at home. I enjoyed it. I took pictures with my and his camera too. In between I made him a new hairstyle, he even allowed me to cut his hair.

In the end we had some very nice pictures of him, and of course a lot to trash. He didn’t choose my favourite for his job application. But it looked great too and after Photoshop it was also a little bright like the one of the photographer, just the background (a white wall) doesn’t look that professional.


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