Friendship ends with money

He used the milk up. I advised him to go shopping and he said WE went shopping last saturday. (He really emphasized it like this, as if it should be my turn to go shopping again, since he took part last time.)

The thing is – I went shopping on Thursday, on Friday and on Saturday. He accompanied me on Thursday and Saturday, both times even picked quite expensive fish and let me pay. The fish from Thursday he made to a great meal for us. The one from saturday he has eaten all by himself. And I am tired of paying all the food and don’t even get a little bit.

I hope I am not a greedy person. I really don’t want to be, but I am a money saver. And it is not me to buy so much luxury food especially if I not even get a mouthful. I also not have money to burn.

I am aware he has less money, but that is no reason to just let me pay. He may can also choose less expensive food to start with. The other problem is that he eats a lot more, so to be fair he should also buy more food. With our segregated accounts and him being all day home and anyway eating much more than me –  we have to find a way we both feel comfortable about.

But it is hard to talk about money.


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