Perfect weekend

We had a week of harmony, a perfect weekend. He took care when I didn’t feel well yesterday.

I just hope it is not only trying hard, but the way we are. Because if we put too much energy in having a harmonic time sometimes we will be exhausted. And we may keep quiet about some issue, save it for the big bang which then would be even worse.

I’m not easy to satisfy. We have such a great time and I still live in a worst case scenario.

The last days we had some conversations about him worrying. He worries a lot, about getting sick mostly. I asked about the fear of an accident, by car, by bike, as passenger. But he thinks if he will get a heavy illness he will feel trapped. Maybe it is the same why I can’t take a ride on a rollercoaster. I panic when I notice I can’t leave if I don’t like it and I’m afraid from the beginning. It just is more easy to avoid a rollercoaster than an illness! Seems he is the same as me. Always expecting the worst!


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