I joined a club

Yesterday he accompanied me when I went to an evening event to join a club – to join his hobby.

He wants to be member of a club which offer a lot of activities. I need a club to borrow equipment. So I decided to join another club than him. I thought about paying the membership fee for him too, but he doesn’t think there is any use for him being member of this club. So it is just me. But I am thankful that he came with me.

Later on he made a very good meal. The last days were so nice. I enjoyed the evening and am a little afraid it may will change again.

Today I have to work in the morning. He will work in the afternoon and in the evening he will go out with some friends. When I got up, I said “see you noon”, but then it crossed my mind that I have to do something else before coming home and we may won’t see each other during the day. He offered to call after he has finished his work. Again very sweet of him. I am just not sure if I want to join him going out with his friends. But let’s see.


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