Hobbies and activities

He wants us to do more together, mainly activities. There are things, he likes, and things, I enjoy. I began a new kind of sport because of him. I am running. I started it with sneakers and cotton t-shirts, meanwhile I have treated myself to some running shoes and even running clothes. But in general I don’t need any special running stuff, just two healthy feet. That was the reason my friends could convince me to go running in the first place.

All his hobbies require a lot of expensive special equipment. Until now I could borrow the things I needed, but it was very difficult. I joined his sport club, to borrow the material less expensive. But they don’t rent everything and I also needed to ask friends for stuff. My lack of equipment was my big argument when he put me under pressure to join him exercise his hobby last time. I can’t borrow all the things within short time, especially when the things have to fit me. Besides I am afraid and he expects to much of me although I am still a learner.

In the meantime I am also a little annoyed with myself because I have engaged in his hobby. He never tried running. So why should I risk my health just to make his life easier when he can combine his hobby with his relationship.

There must be other activities which both of us can enjoy. Tomorrow and this weekend he will exercise his hobby without me. At least this is what I know after getting the mail by the mailing list, he hasn’t mentioned it with a single word.



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