mailing list instead of talking

Next weekend I will be alone. He has planned for next saturday an excursion, asked me to join. But I declined. It is about his hobby, but I will tell more about it in another article. Lately he said he will stay even sunday when the weather is good. But just now I read a mail by a mailing list saying he is looking for people to go there Friday to Sunday, three days. And I don’t think a mailing list counts as communication.

I am annoyed. He always insists on talking. But his rules are not hold good for himself. I would have reacted much cooler when he just told me before; and when he not just cancelled a family meeting, he accepted a month ago and which meant a lot to me.
The big problem is like always to be considerate. He expects to be considered, but he don’t treat me that way.

The coming up question is how should I react? Inform him next time via mail about my activities? It is kind of kindergarten, but it is according to my old egyptian sense of justice (Hammurabi). But I would prefer to keep our relationship alive.


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