free time activities

He had a club activity today, so I choose to visit my sister. He seemed a little disappointed about spending the day separated or because I didn’t want to join him. Yesterday we went out for a beer and after we were too tired for everything.

Today we had to get up early, I let him bring me to the station – which was very nice but not really necessary, just to spend some more minutes together. Then I took the train to visit my sister. We had kind of good timing, when I left my sister he called and asked to meet at a station so we have some common way home. Edit: Making me feel like it matters that we meet soon. But it would have been to complicate and so we decided to meet at home. I was in a hurry to get the next train. Nearly at home, at the last part of my travel he called. He is at a friend’s.

I’m at home, waiting. I really would like to go, meet some friends right now, mainly not be at home when he will come. But no one is available. I’m disappointed. I don’t want to be the one sitting at home. He wouldn’t wait for me either.



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