The only child – familiy person

I’m part of an extended family. He is the only child. When I first met him it was one of the first questions because I have kind of bad experience with people without siblings. He also is an only child, I thought this is a disadvantage – but he was so convincing and we simply had the best timing of getting to know each other.

But there are always situations I blame his ‘only child’ state. He often acts like everyone is waiting for him, all good just will happen to him. He also still gets support by his family. In my family there is a completely different relationship, especially because we children stick together. I also feel discriminated against on account of the distance to my siblings. They all life quite close, maximum half an hour by car, and for me it is an excursion to visit one of them.

I also fought a lot for my independence. I had to take on responsibility for others(i.e. my baby brother) when I was still young and sometimes make sacrifices. I was no one’s center like he experienced his childhood. When our parents separated none of them really wanted us. In his case his parents fought for him, even went to court. I’m aware it sure wasn’t the most pleasant situation for him being between his parents, but I’m kind of jealous.
We are all in our own shoes, but I sometimes feel dominated. He decides the daily routine, eating time, getting up, Siesta. I have to justify when I want to get up before him. He expects to be considerate of all the time. He takes much more care about himself than about me. And demands the same of me: to take more care about him.

But sometimes he is really trying. He brought me a little something. And I’m aware he is not used to do so.
My long-term issue is to start a family, but children, and especially babies, will not care about his daily routine…


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