Enthusiasm for club life – why am I there?

He is an enthusiast for club life, so to say. He met him like this and it is no problem for me – generally. He has more free time than me and he enjoys the whole club thing. He also wants me to be part of it, not all the time, but when it is more comfortable for him. Depending on the people, the activities or the topic of the gathering I feel at ease with the situation.

It happened twice in a row that I absolutely felt uncomfortable during such events. My problem was that I didn’t think I belong there, I didn’t feel welcome. People were to busy to even notice me, even he was.

He came once a while, asked me to talk to the people. I was annoyed. I accompanied him because it seemed important to him. Normally I have no problems to do small talk, but it just felt weird. I simply didn’t fit in. And he simply didn’t understand it. It is his club life, his social network and he is completely absorbed in this. I also felt cold-shouldered. Maybe this is the biggest problem, his behavior towards me.

Plus I felt trapped, I couldn’t just leave (and spoil his evening) because I depended on him to get home. This is kind of pressure on me.


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